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Mosses are the oldest land plants on earth and capable of amazing things. They bind fine dust, are antiseptic, antiviral and fungicidal; real all-rounders for air pollution control and health.

Specialised mosses bind and metabolise particles and gases that are harmful to the climate and health, such as soot, CO₂ or PAHs. The majority of the elements are metabolised directly or indirectly biodegraded by microorganisms and then converted into harmless biomass. Mosses are small sponges and can store enormous amounts of moisture and this makes them an ideal component in rainwater management. The water not only serves the vitality of the moss, but also cools the surrounding air noticeably through natural evaporation.

As pioneers in the use of moss, everything has always  revolved around these inconspicuous plants. In the moss laboratory mosses are researched and qualified for cultivation. Under controlled conditions the super plants grow in the moss farm about 16 times faster than in nature.  


Sustainability is also a top priority in the fully digitalised moss farm. The use of water, heat and electricity is monitored by sensors and optimally controlled. The mosses are robust and reusable after a treatment in the moss farm they can clean the air for another six months before they are returned to the farm.


Yes, you read right. We grow our own moss in our very own, 1 200 sqm, mossfarm. That´s sassy!

There are about 20,000 species of moss all over the world, from the polar regions to the desert. Since we do not take the mosses from nature, of course, and we are constantly striving to find better moss species and mixtures for our purposes, we have built the world’s first vertical moss farm.

In nature, mosses need about 4 years to grow into a dense moss surface. Through a lot of experience, a special cultivation method and ideal supply conditions, the moss stalks in our moss farm have turned into a dense carpet in just 12 weeks and are ready for use in the city.

Take a look in the timelaps photos below to see the unique transformation!


Superstructure Moss

About 4 m² of moss grow in the CityBreath. According to Leaf Area Index this corresponds to 
an active & cleansing moss surface of ~120 m².



Sensors capture performance and environmental data in real time. This way, the environmental impact can be measured and used directly in your sustainability & ESG reports


Active ventilation

Warm, impure city air is passed through the mosses and released as a fresh and clean breeze regardless of external conditions.



Regular checks of the moss modules and the electronics through RESPIRE or certified partners ensure an optimal operating level, peak performance and longevity.


Smart sensors

Built-in sensors detect the vitality of the mosses. A unique bio-algorithm controls the ideal 
supply and saves resources


Centerpiece moss-module

One centerpiece moss-module compensates 45 kg of Co2 per year, as much as two fully grown trees!

Biology + Technology


Air-purifying moss

Sensor technology and supply

We combine the natural abilities of moss with the latest Internet of Things sensors and active ventilation and irrigation technology. The combination of these technologies not only ensures the survival of the mosses outside of their natural habitat, but also optimizes their cooling and filtering effect on the environment. The built-in IoT sensors generate enormous amounts of data in real time, which are made visible by a specially developed online dashboard. The data provide extensive information about the environmental performance and the condition of the bio-filters. In addition, information about the surrounding situation and air quality is available. Thus it is possible at any time to quantitatively prove the environmental performance of a single – or several – bio-filters

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