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Air pollution is one of the biggest urban environmental problems and has serious implications for human health.

Inhaling air pollution affects health negatively and for many people, pollution in the air can also contribute to a shortened lifespan.

At RESPIRE, we want to tackle this environmental problem head-on and make a positive contribution to clean, healthy and fresh air in the urban environments.

With this goal in mind, we and our partners have developed the world’s first Bio-tech filter to quantifiably better air quality.


Our solution comes from nature.png

Moss has the natural ability to bind fine dust and metabolize it. In addition, mosses cool the surrounding air by evaporating water on their enormous leaf surface. These capabilities can be optimally used to improve local air quality and make Moss a sustainable, regenerative fine dust filter.


We combine the natural abilities of moss with the latest Internet of Things sensors, active ventilation and irrigation technology. The combination of these technologies not only ensures the survival of the mosses outside of their natural habitat, but also optimizes their filtering effect on the environment. The built-in IoT sensors generate enormous amounts of data in real time, which are made visible by a specially developed online dashboard.


The data provide extensive information about the environmental performance and the condition of the bio-filters. In addition, information about the surrounding situation and air quality is available.


Thus it is possible at any time to quantitatively prove the environmental performance of a single – or several – bio-filters.


Mosses are capable of astonishing things: They bind fine dust, some are antiseptic, antiviral and fungicidal; trueall-rounders for air pollution control and health. With the interplay of sensors, intelligent ventilation, irrigation and software, we can increase their natural cleaning power and make it usable and measurable


Step 01

Polluted air is drawn in by the integrated fans.


Step 02

Step 03

Step 04

The air flows through the vertical moss mats and is purified and cooled in the process.

The clean, cool air enters the environment through the ecological shading design.

Integrated sensor technology controls moss supply and measures performance & environmental data in real time.


Do we have your attention yet? 

If so, feel free to reach out and learn more.


We have three different bio filters developed at the moment, but we also invent customized projects using our existing tech. 


Wall Breath

The most powerful building greenery in the world.

Lets bring it!


City Breath

Our smallest Respire with huge capabilities, including a razor sharp screen for crisp visuals


Tree Breath

The Tree Breath is the world’s first biotech fine dust filter for urban spaces

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